Application FAQs

Application FAQs

Questions before applying for a job at DACHSER

Apply directly on DACHSER's international job portal in a few easy steps. Please see the application process.

We require a resume but look forward to receiving other documents such as references, certificates and/or a cover letter. Your application gives us a first impression of you. When preparing your documents, ask yourself who will read your application and what will be of particular interest to your contact person at DACHSER and highlight this information accordingly.

In your cover letter, you'll describe your career to date and refer to relevant points in your resume, which you'll also enclose. Please also show your concrete interest in our company and your personal suitability for a specific position. Your individualized, DACHSER-related cover letter should be approximately one page. Especially in unsolicated applications, we ask you to indicate your desired focus of activities as well as your location preferences. Please also include your salary expectations (gross, p.a.) and your earliest possible starting date.

Please start your CV with data about yourself and your contact information (including your telephone number and e-mail address). We're also looking forward to a description of your career with detailed information about your previous professional stations and your education. In addition, we'd like to know more details about your experience, skills and expertise. Feel free to mention your personal interests so that we can get to know your personality. Please make sure that your application is structured in a comprehensible, chronological way and use a simple, clear design. Please limit yourself to a maximum of two pages.

These documents serve as proof of your professional activity and your further training measures. We recommend enclosing all relevant job references/service references and proof of qualifications with your application. If you are applying for an apprenticeship/study position or starting your career, we also welcome a current overview of your grades. Please provide us with your attachments in standard formats, preferably as pdf files. You are welcome to combine several documents.

Before applying, please ensure that your documents are in acceptable file formats. These are DOCX, PDF, image and text. (MSG, PPT and XLS file formats are not possible for resumes or cover letters.)

You've searched our job offers but haven't found a suitable position. Then feel free to submit an unsolicated application to DACHSER or actively register in our talent community. When registering to become part of our talent community, check the box "Learn more about career opportunities" in the online form to receive job offers in our newsletter.

Questions when applying for a job at DACHSER

The menu item "application process" shows you the process step by step. Within these steps, you'll create a candidate profile with a password. Here's how you create a candidate profile:

1) Find your desired job.

2) Click on the button apply.

3) Fill in the form and submit. Your candidate profile is then generated.

Yes, instructions to create a password will be displayed in the application screen. Here are the most important points:

1) The password must contain at least 8 characters.

2) The password must not contain more than 18 characters.

3) The password must contain at least one uppercase letter and one lowercase letter.

4) The password must contain at least one digit or punctuation mark.

5) The password must not contain spaces or Unicode characters.

Once you have created your profile (see FAQ “What steps are required in the application process”), you can access it by going to View Profile. Enter your email address and password, and sign in. If you are an employee, please go to Employee Login.

You'll immediately receive a confirmation that your application has been entered into our system. We'll then contact you as soon as possible.

Yes, the current status can be viewed at any time in your candidate profile.

Yes. To make adjustments, simply log in to your candidate profile. In your candidate profile under "Job applications" you can change your own details until and including the interview phase.

After the interview, you will only be able to read the information.

It really depends. Possibilities include:

- a personal or telephone interview,

- an interview via MS Teams, or

- an assessment center.

It's our goal to have a casual conversation with you in a relaxed atmosphere in order for us to get to know each other. We're eager to learn what you'd like to tell us. Maybe you have some questions that you'd like to ask us, too. The conversation serves the purpose of introducing ourselves to each other in the form of a dialog.

In the job interview, we'll inform you about how the process continues. Until then, you also have a contact person to turn to should you have any questions.

You can delete your application at any time in your profile.